Baxter Lake: An Exploration of the Rochester Area’s Natural Beauty

Baxter Lake is one of Rochester’s hidden gems. The lake, located on the city’s southeast side, has a lot to offer visitors. Baxter Lake offers boating and water skiing for those seeking outdoor activities. The area also provides fishing opportunities for anglers who are looking to catch some bass or trout! For those who enjoy more relaxing activities, there are ample picnic areas with tables and grills on site. Information can be found here.

Baxter Lake, a hidden gem in Rochester, New Hemisphere, is one of the best places around for people looking to get out and enjoy nature. Baxter Lake has it all: stunning views, hiking trails to suit any level of activity or interest, and incredible camping spots right on the water’s edge. Here’s what you need to know about this beautiful spot in Monroe County! Baxter Lake, located in Rochester, New Hemisphere is a man-made lake that offers both an urban and natural environment to explore. See here for information about The Museum of Fine Arts in Rochester: Beyond Expectations.

There are several different trails around the area which makes things interesting as well! The scenery at this place will not disappoint you – there are trees everywhere with an amazing view of the mountains surrounding this body of water that can be seen off into the distance or across its surface depending on where one chooses to stand while taking in all of these amazing sights. If you enjoy spending time outdoors then visiting Baxter Lake should definitely be considered when planning your next outing.