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Rated 5/5 based on 150 customer reviews
"I have been here two separate times for knee replacement physical therapy and the people here are great. They are very helpful with exercises to do at home and other suggestions. Very friendly and helpful. If you need P/T this is the place to go."
Feb 26, 2019
"I'm a 77 year old male with a total knee replacement and was in need of PT, a health professional suggested Willem Verweij & Associates to me. Setting up my work out schedule was fast and convenient. From my first visit the staff put me at ease and led me into the various work out routines. Everyone I worked with was friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. They always addressed any question or concerns that I had. My PT was not painless, but they try to keep pain levels low while still progressing in your program. For me the important thing was I felt I progressed in each and every session, some days it was an inch some days it was a mile. Would I recommend Willem Verweij & Associates - in a heartbeat, go there. They are the best. Dave C. "
Jun 17, 2018
"I always feel well cared about. Specific exercises to do @ home - are very good for me."
Feb 23, 2018
"Always feel well cared about. Specific exercises to do @ home are very good for me."
Feb 20, 2018
"Very professional and very friendly. I would highly recommend them."
Feb 13, 2018
"Top rate physical therapy. All therapists great - Ryan is fantastic - Hardly know I had total hip replacement."
Feb 09, 2018
"Kind. Considerate. Knowledgeable. Very helpful."
Feb 09, 2018
"I did not know physical therapy could help but because of the great work here, I haven't been dizzy in over 3 weeks. I now can live and get around on my own. I thank everyone here and would tell anyone to come here."
Feb 09, 2018
"4.8 Stars!! Great Staff. -.2 stars for all the paperwork at the first visist. Completely subjective deduction (I hate paperwork) for required information. Thank you all!"
Feb 09, 2018
"Very well run operation - with nice and knowledgeable people. I felt motivated to work harder than I have with former PT professionals. Thanks to all of you!"
Feb 09, 2018
"At 82 years old after developing vertigo, I needed a miracle. I felt no one was helping me with my problem even after a stay at the hospital and nursing facility for physical therapy. Through a referral from a friend, I found my miracle, his name is Willem Verweij. After my 2nd visit Willem fixed my vertigo and gave me confidence to work on my balance. I'm so happy I found Willem. This vertigo and balance problem, affected my whole life. I'm getting back to my old self and at 82 I have a new outlook on life. THANK YOU!...."
Feb 09, 2018
"As always, I am treated with respect, courtesy and friendliness. Everyone is fantastic. Ryan, thank you for working so hard on getting my "chris shoulder" back to behaving. I will be back as needed when time comes. This is the only PT organization I ever will go to."
Feb 09, 2018
"Great staff, attentive, professional, friendly etc..."
Feb 09, 2018
"Ryan, Brook and Meagan were very nice and I'm feeling a whole lot better because of them. Thanks so much, Holly."
Feb 09, 2018
"You guys are great and have taught me a lot about handling and managing my dizziness and vertigo."
Feb 09, 2018
"Pleasant and knowledgeable staff. I feel better after each visit."
Feb 09, 2018
"Solved problem with dizziness which was warm, and carefully explained causes and treatment. 4 visits and great results. I have full confidence in his treatment and staff."
Feb 09, 2018
"Comfortable atmosphere. Kind and patient therapists. Innovative exercises. "
Feb 09, 2018
"Ryan did a great job! He tailored therapy to my specific needs. The rest of the staff are very professional also, and provide a light atmosphere, which makes coming to PT enjoyable."
Feb 09, 2018
"Awesome PT experience. I can't say enough good things about my therapists. Kind, considerate, so knowledgable are just a few wonderful things to say about this group. I will highly recommend Williem Verweij Physical Therapy to any who are in need of rehab."
Feb 01, 2018
"Ryan, Brooke, and all the staff here are amazing. I have already recommended her for a few friends. Thank you all for helping me heal."
Feb 01, 2018
"Had a TKR on Aug. 14, two weeks later started physical therapy at Willem Verweij & Assoc. and can't tell you how happy I am. Went to see Dr Lawless for my check up and he was so pleased. He felt I was way ahead of what he expected. So thanks to Ryan, I looked forward to seeing him, it make me work hard, it was worth it."
Oct 06, 2017
"Very enjoyable"
Sep 27, 2017
"Willem Verweij & Associates Physical Therapy did a great job rehabilitating my shoulder over the past couple of months, I feel much more confident and stronger than when I began. Each of the physical therapists did a great job working with me and pushing me to become healthy."
Sep 22, 2017
"I had an excellent experience here. The staff is top notch. I gained great strides since I started. Ryan worked tirelessly through the problems I encountered to get me back to normal. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. You all are wonderful."
Sep 19, 2017
"A big thanks to Ryan and all for a job well done. My goal was to be able to hike in Acadia National Park and I did!"
Sep 08, 2017
"Ryan and the entire crew here have been nothing but friendly, helpful and wonderful. Thank you!"
Sep 08, 2017
"I have been a client of Willem's a number of times in the past 10 years, for various problems. He is always good at explaining the mechanics of joints and ways to improve functions. The staff is also pleasant and helpful. I am pain free and would recommend him to anyone having joint problems."
Sep 01, 2017
"There was an incredible amount of professionalism, while the staff was very personable at the same time. It was an enjoyable process while gaining an increased amount of mobility and strength. Thanks."
Aug 29, 2017
"My physical therapy has been thoughtful and carefully carried out. The staff has been kind and awesome to work with."
Aug 18, 2017
"Positive experience - treatment well planned out. Staff always prompt, knowledgeable and encouraging."
Aug 04, 2017
"Very fun and work you hard but I am glad. I enjoyed my visits."
Aug 04, 2017
"Very knowledgeable and attentive staff. Hard workers to help the patients recover. Thank you very much!"
Aug 04, 2017
"Very professional. Felt great when leaving session. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Would and will recommend to anyone."
Aug 04, 2017
"Excellent staff and therapy!"
Aug 01, 2017
"Love everyone here, they make being worked-on an experience for the better. Thank you for all the help with my knee!"
Aug 01, 2017
"I have been here twice for TKR. Worked with Lucas Martin both times. He is a great PT. I feel like I would not have made so much progress without his expertise. Relaxed atmosphere here is great. It makes it easier to do the hard work it takes to recover. Thanks Lucas, Brooke, Ryan. It has been a pleasure to work with you all."
Aug 01, 2017
"Ryan and Brooke are wonderful. They are always helpful, always answering questions. They are an asset to your office. I will always have nice things to say about this office and the people working here, especially Ryan and Brooke!."
Aug 01, 2017
"You folks are awesome! I'm always confident that I'll get excellent rehab and care here. I recommend you to anyone that I know who needs rehab. I always get as much mental therapy as physical when I come and I love it. Your PTs are all so caring, professional and kind. To Luke! Breaking up IS hard to do."
Aug 01, 2017
"Thank you for giving me the tools to manage and improve my back pain. I've enjoyed my appointments, everyone there is so friendly and helpful."
Aug 01, 2017
"Very knowledgeable. Very friendly environment."
Jul 14, 2017
"Very good physical therapy."
Jun 21, 2017
"Ryan was excellent. I enjoyed the one on one attention he gives. My therapy was very good. I will tell anyone that needs therapy to come here. Thanks too all for making this therapy so easy to attend."
Jun 07, 2017
"I have worked with Luke on both hip and shoulder issue. The most outstanding features of work with him on these issues have been his willingness to spend time explaining the source & mechanics of the symptoms I was experiencing, his persistence in trying different modes of addressing the problems, his clearly expressed depth of knowledge, and above all his caring, concern, compassion, easy conversation, and sense of humor. In the case of both the hip and shoulder problems, I have experienced significant improvement and know the kind of exercises that I should be doing to maintain the progress made."
May 26, 2017
"Ryan was awesome. Helped me with any concerns I had. Doing much better then when I first came in."
May 26, 2017
"I am leaving feeling healthier than I have felt in years. I expect to get to actually enjoy my daily activities and walk for pleasure again. The first I'll be able to for years. Thank you Ryan & Team"
May 26, 2017
"I had a great experience with Dr. Willem's office. I was referred to PT because I was suffering from a vestibular disorder. I was unable to lift my head off the pillow most days. After 5 weeks of PT, I am now back to work and able to do my daily routine again. I can't thank him and all of the staff enough!"
May 22, 2017
"I had total knee replacement surgery and immediately started post surgery Physical Therapy (PT) at home for two weeks. A week after at home PT I went to Willem Verweij & Associates to continue rehab. Honestly, I did NOT want to go at all because I knew that sometimes the treatment would be painful and difficult. However, friends who have had total knee replacement told me in no uncertain terms to do the PT if I wanted to regain full function of my knee. So with my cane in hand I met my Physical Therapist, Ryan Hubbard, and discovered that I was in excellent hands. Ryan not only has a doctorate in Physical Therapy but he has personality traits that I admired as he listened to my concerns, evaluated my condition, and started my therapy. My knee bend in the beginning was only in the mid 80 degrees. My knee was tight and my entire leg and foot was extremely swollen. When I first used the stationary exercise bike, I could not complete a full pedal rotation around. Discouragingly, I could only pedal about half way around then back and thought I'd never be able to pedal like I use to. I was nervous to say the least but Brook, Assistant Physical Therapist, said oh yes you will with a little work and time you will be! Ryan patiently encouraged me to work with him and it would all be worth the effort. At times when I get frustrated and a little resistant Ryan shows me that he understands where I was coming from and inspires me not to give up. Thankfully, he also has a great sense of humor and we can share a few laughs as I can be outspoken during a difficult treatment. I am still in Physical Therapy and my knee bend is now at 120 degrees, leg swelling has decreased dramatically. I am gaining much more function of my knee and leg. I no longer use a cane to walk and can now pedal that exercise bike completely all the way around with no problem. Ryan told me that his goal is to improve my quality of life and have me regain my knee/leg function. I truly feel like I am being taken care of! In fact, I have met the entire staff and find them all to be very friendly, personable, professional and caring. Physical Therapy, today it hurts but tomorrow it works! I highly recommend that anyone who needs physical therapy go the Willem Verweij and Associates. Your decision to do so will be one of the best decisions you will have ever made."
Apr 27, 2017
"I was referred to Willem for treatment of vertigo. He was very professional and friendly and taught me both about what causes vertigo as well as how to better manage it. He taught me multiple exercises to alleviate my symptoms and I saw improvement very quickly. The symptoms will come and go over time but now I have a way to effectively manage and reduce them. Everyone in the office was courteous and professional and I would recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy."
Apr 11, 2017
"I have a chronic foot condition for which the majority of health care professionals prescribe cortisone shots or surgery. WVPT was the first to suggest getting to the source of the problem and finding a less invasive solution. During a very thorough evaluation, Luke uncovered a couple of key issues linked to the problem and tailored a stretching and exercise routine for me, as well as shoe modifications. I now walk and even run with much less discomfort (and no Advil!). I can’t thank the staff at WVPT enough for putting me in control of my condition. They’re not only thorough and knowledgeable, they’re genuinely nice people. You feel like you have new friends. I highly recommend this facility. (Worth the half-hour drive for me!)"
Feb 07, 2017
"Very happy and satisfied in choosing this establishment for my therapy. A nice "open" concept where as a patient you can interact with others in a community sharing room. All staff employees are polite and very accommodating. A big thank you to Lucas Martin for working with me throughout my office visits. A nice personable young therapist who is compassionate and gentle....totally satisfied with being assigned to him for my needs. I highly recommend Willem Verweij and Associates for your physical therapy."
Dec 17, 2016
"Courteous and personable staff. Helps relieve the pain and work on the underlining issue. Would recommend to family and friends."
Nov 10, 2016
"Fun! Quality rehab. Lucas Martin is a very skilled therapist and gave me the encouragement I needed. I must confess, I was discouraged shortly after surgery due to my incredible inability to move my left arm sooner than "I" wanted to. My therapy took will, time and effort, but most of all the positive energy and dynamic team at Willem Verweij and Associates is why I am resptored to baseline. God's peace to all of you! :)"
Nov 10, 2016
"My experience here was wonderful. Questions I had were always fully answered and the experience there almost fun! The staff here is great - very calm and friendly. I will recommend your facility to all my friends. Thank you for everything."
Nov 10, 2016
"My first visit, I had a hard time getting here as my sciatica was horrible. I actually tried to cancel, but was encouraged to come in. I am so glad I did! Ryan worked on my sciatica and I left in minimal pain. He worked on it the next couple visits until there was no pain. I have to say that I enjoyed coming in for my visits. My PT is awesome and everyone here is so pleasant. I'll miss everyone and thank you so much!"
Nov 10, 2016
"Ryan was great, recommendation 10/10 if I get hurt again I'm coming back. PS, thanks for everyones help!"
Nov 10, 2016
"Excellent, great people to work with."
Nov 10, 2016
"All of the staff was pleasant and helpful to me. They managed my time well. I was always kept working and pushed to achieve my mobility goals. Thank you."
Nov 10, 2016
"I love the staff and the "hands on" approach to therapy. They don't put you on a machine and walk away to talk with others. The best physical therapy place around!"
Nov 08, 2016
"It was a great experience. Ryan was very cordial and friendly. Would recommend to any of my friends."
Nov 08, 2016
"5 stars to Willem Verweij PT! Every session I came out of feeling stronger and one step closer to full recovery. Each member of the team was compassionate, professional and highly skilled."
Nov 08, 2016
"When I started PT I had a hard time with my right arm. Ryan and the team helped me a whole lot. I do recommend seeing them for PT."
Sep 26, 2016
"Ryan was wonderful! The doctor had suggested surgery for my Achille's tendon, I asked if I could try PT before and hopefully avoid surgery. With Ryan's help, I can walk pretty much pain-free for the first time in 2 years - it's a good thing! No surgery for me - I appreciate getting exercises to continue with so I don't regress. Thank you - my experience was great!"
Sep 26, 2016
"What can I say, Ryan is absolutely awesome. Great therapist that has been very helpful in resolving my lower back pain."
Sep 26, 2016
"Best physical therapy I have ever had. Everyone is kind and is able and willing to help you meet your individual needs. It is easy to schedule or re-schedule appointments. The therapists listen and are always changing your program to meet your needs! I had a TKR in June and now in September, I feel that I can do so much. Thank you!"
Sep 26, 2016
"Walked in with a walker and can now walk on my own. Ryan was a gentleman and helpful not only with hip improvement but helping me with a stiff neck as well. He is a professional in all respects. All the staff was helpful and friendly. I feel Ryan is a friend."
Sep 26, 2016
"Always offer a welcoming. Friendly environment that allows you to feel comfortable to aid in your healing process. The associates are very knowledgable and make sure at every point in your progress you are improving."
Sep 26, 2016
"This is the second time I've been here - two knee replacements - and it has been a very good experience. Ryan is patient, knowledgable, and friendly. He has helped my knee get great from aid strength and is great to work with. Everyone here is always helpful and friendly. I can't recommend WVA enough!"
Sep 23, 2016
"Luke is an excellent therapist, and I enjoyed working with him and Jess."
Aug 31, 2016
"Excellent therapists and good group of folks. Would recommend highly to those I know. Thank you Lucas for your help in getting me back on my feet. Your professionalism and humor doesn't go unnoticed. You're awesome!"
Aug 31, 2016
"I contacted Willem's office for treatment of back stiffness after hearing strong positive recommendations from friends. I found Willem and his staff to be friendly, courteous and professional. His careful and insightful evaluation led to various treatment ideas which he tried and evaluated carefully. After the first visit I left already feeling significant improvement. After a few visits I enjoy better mobility and less discomfort. A success! Try it. You'll be glad you did!"
Aug 30, 2016
"Dedicated and informed PT's. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you!"
Aug 26, 2016
"I could not have been happier with the physical therapy services I received at Willem Verweij & Assoc. It was my first experience with PT and Ryan helped me with two different injuries, answered all of my questions, and gave me information for all follow-up care. I would recommend him to anyone. Great assistants and even office staff was great!"
Aug 26, 2016
"Everyone was very helpful, friendly, and encouraging. Ryan was very helpful in my recovery."
Aug 26, 2016
"Everyone is very friendly and fun to be around."
Aug 26, 2016
"Nothing short of an amazing experience. Ryan Hubbard is a true professional. I recovered ahead of time from my shoulder repair because of your practice...I appreciate it!"
Aug 26, 2016
"Lucas was a great person. He got me strong in my foot and arms."
Aug 26, 2016
"I would not hesitate to recommend this physical therapy facility. I was treated with courtesy, consideration for any limitations I had, and friendliness. Luke was extremely helpful, showing me many exercises to help keep me flexible and alleviate the sciatica! And the message therapy helped "loosen" up tight muscles! Thank you so much!"
Aug 19, 2016
"Excellent service and we always use this company. Results are always obtained."
Aug 12, 2016
"Willem and his amazingly talented staff helped rehabilitate me after total hip replacement surgery. My osteoartritis had been advanced and had limited my mobility for years but within a few weeks of thorough physical therapy at Willem Verweij & Associates I was able to retain substantial range of motion and strengths. For the first time in more than 10 years I can go for walks with my wife and take long car rides pain free thanks to Willem."
Aug 12, 2016
"Awesome group of people to work with. Ryan is very knowledgeable and informative. I was not a "pleasant" patient, yet he was very caring. I am very pleased with my recovery."
Aug 05, 2016
"Everybody here has been wonderful! Always able to overcome/ work through any problems encountered - significant advancements from first visit. Would/ will/ have recommend(ed) to anyone! Thanks from the both of us!"
Aug 05, 2016
"Excellent Personnel; very conscientious. Would highly recommend."
Aug 03, 2016
"I was very pleased with my experience with the entire staff. They all worked well together as a team and as a result I had very good results. I had very limited range of motion from a broken shoulder injury and they got me back track!"
Jul 30, 2016
"Very knowledgeable and helpful with my recuperation of my left knee replacement surgery."
Jul 27, 2016
"Staff is very proficient and personable. Made a bad thing (injury) almost enjoyable."
Jul 27, 2016
"This office has a calm atmosphere and reassuring staff. I was treated kindly and professionally, and now I feel strong enough to continue building strength at home with the routine provided. Thank you!"
Jul 18, 2016
"Awesome! Would recommend to come here to everyone. Ryan and Brooke are the bomb!!"
Jul 14, 2016
"Everyone, especially Ryan, were so nice, very helpful and caring. Also very professional and i was impressed. Keep up the good work one and all!"
Jul 06, 2016
"We have been to other PT facilities in the past without the success that we have experienced with Willem and his staff. They are all knowledgeable, skillful, and courteous in their treatments and assistance. We would not hesitate Willem and his staff."
Jun 23, 2016
"I highly recommend this group of providers. I've seen Luke off and on for nearly two years, and I'm treated with great care, expertise, and respect each and every visit. PT isn't a "chore", it has always been an enjoyable appointment to squeeze in to a busy schedule. I can't speak highly enough."
Jun 03, 2016
"Ryan, Brook, and Luke all helped me strengthen my core muscles and I feel 100% better now. My back has been a problem for me since I was 18 years old and every once in a while I need a refresher therapy class or two to get it back again. Best regards!"
Jun 03, 2016
"This office came highly recommended and I can see why! All staff were kind and professional. I received great care and exercises that restored my knees/legs to full ability again. I liked being given "homework" with handouts to follow. I feel confident going forward and will return if I have any future injuries."
Jun 03, 2016
"I just love this place! Everyone was so friendly and attentive to my needs. I went in with a pain of 10 and left there with only a 2. Exercises were given to me so I could finish my recover at home. I am back doing my workouts at the gym now. Thank you to Ryan and Brook and the team!"
Jun 03, 2016
"Appointment times available around work schedule. Entire office staff courteous and pleasure to work with. Ryan worked well with me by explaining why certain exercises were being prescribed. Would definitely recommend this office! Thank you!"
May 18, 2016
"I had a very good experience here, the staff was great. I gained more knowledge on how to exercise and take care of my injury."
May 18, 2016
"Awesome place. Excellent care, very professional."
May 12, 2016
"WV&A PT was very professional at all times. All therapists were kind, gentle and caring. Each pushed me in appropriate ways, and always took time to answer questions. The work space is clean and cheerful as well. I was a patient for over three months -- twice weekly. I was treated with respect and care at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend WV&A PT to anyone who needs PT. Keep up the good work, all!"
May 11, 2016
"Pleasure to work with the entire crew. Way beyond my expectations. Would recommend you guys to anyone seeking help."
May 11, 2016
"Once again, I find the PT valuable and worthwhile. Both my leg and back are so much better. I would not go anywhere else for PT help. Staff is attentive and makes it fun to work out."
May 09, 2016
"I could not have expected more. The whole team is wonderful and caring. I would highly recommend Willem and his entire group to anyone in need of PT."
May 03, 2016
"This is my second time being treated at Willem Verweij Physical Therapy. Even though many of the staff members are new since my last visit, the quality and standard of care has not changed! Ryan was my main therapist during treatment. He is very kind, personable and professional. Brooke is very sweet and I enjoyed working through and learning the exercises with her! When Ryan was on vacation, I met with Lucas who was able to pick up my treatment where Ryan and I had left off! It was as if he had been working with me all along and assured me I was still working towards recovery."
May 03, 2016
"Very happy with treatment. Pain gone after 4 treatments and zero pain for over a week no pain doing any activity."
Apr 29, 2016
"Very happy with progress and results obtained with physical therapy- Avery positive team helped me is a great operation."
Apr 26, 2016
"I found the facility and staff to supply all of my needs. The staff was always courteous, considerate of all my needs and professional at all times. I would highly recommend this practice and it's staff to anyone with a need for therapy. If I have a need for P.T. in the future, I will ask to be assigned to this office again."
Apr 22, 2016
"Awesome place, great staff. Could not be happier. Thank you for everything. Luke is the man."
Apr 22, 2016
"Absolutely amazing! I first came in suffering from pain in both knees that was limiting my ability to do the sports I love. After some wonderful visits Lucas and Willem, I am back to climbing, hiking, and stretching my days away. The recovery was splendidly paced. I didn't feel rushed or that we weren't making progress. Thank you so much guys!"
Apr 21, 2016
"Exercises have helped. Enjoyed Ryan and his expertise. Thank you. I thought I had good form, but learned to better my posture."
Apr 21, 2016
"Ryan, Brooke, and Lucas has helped me more than they know. I've been able to work again which is everything to me. Thanks to all!"
Apr 20, 2016
"Very Good. Works on fixing problem, not just strength. Strength and hands on manipulation is better than just strength."
Apr 14, 2016
"Luke helped me get my mobility back. I can now sleep on my shoulder with little pain. What a relief. Thank you so much!"
Apr 13, 2016
"I was referred to Willem's practice 2 years ago for "pre-T," before my bilateral knee replacement surgery. Willem evaluated me and made recommendations. The goals were to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. I immediately felt comfortable. It's difficult enough to get to therapy 2-3 times a week, but if the atmosphere is not conducive, you'll find excuses not to go. Not the case here. The entire staff is knowledgeable, friendly and willing to listen. Willem & Luke guided me to a full recovery, one which still amazes me. I'm back for sciatic pain with high hopes of being pain free."
Apr 09, 2016
"Your attention and kindness were very comforting during my entire rehab experience. Every one of your employees that dealt with rehab were very respectful and sociable with a good sense of humor including Willem, Ryan, Brook, Jason, and Duke. Thank you all!"
Apr 07, 2016
"Excellent staff. Friendly and professional. Extremely knowledgeable. Made progress at every visit. Highly recommend. Luke, Brooke, and Ryan make a fantastic team."
Apr 06, 2016
"The course of treatment was effective. The exercises are ones that I can and do continue at home. I feel confident that I can comfortably go back to my previous level of exercising. Ryan has been my personable and professional. I have recommended this practice to my physician. I am glad to be finished, however, I will miss all of the friendly dedicated staff."
Mar 29, 2016
"I started PT with Ryan due to a damaged piriformis muscle. I was in pain for approximately 2 years. Right after a couple of sessions of PT with Ryan and home exercises he gave me, I started feeling better, and better as time went on. I cannot say enough how great of a PT he is. The staff; Ryan, Alyssa, Megan, Brooke, and Jackie are so nice, professional, and helpful. I would recommend anyone who is hurting to come here."
Mar 29, 2016
"Excellent therapist and assistants. Outstanding and targeted exercises and home programs. Thanks Dan."
Mar 11, 2016
"Willem seems excellent at identifying the source of the pains and at correcting the source with painless maneuvers and simple exercises. He was very successful at reducing problems with my knees and back. I highly recommend him for therapy."
Feb 26, 2016
"I have been going to Willem Verweij on and off for more than 10 years. When ever I have a problem with my back, knees, or shoulder. A few weeks of therapy decreases the pain and allows me to participate in a normal social life. I have and will continue to recommend Willem Verweij associates to all my friends, family , and colleagues."
Feb 22, 2016
"My husband had bilateral total knee replacements (TKR) 8 years ago. Willem Verweij &Associates was his therapy center. His knees are a success story! So, naturally, I recently selected Willem for my TKR physical therapy. I couldn't be more pleased. The practice once again demonstrated to me, professionalism & competence is a truly caring manner. My TKR therapy has been personalized, specific, and measured. Attentive listening to my concerns with adjustments to my treatment has been prevalent."
Feb 18, 2016
"The therapist was Ryann, he went the extra mile with my therapy as I requested. Would recommend your staff to all my friends who are having replacements."
Feb 08, 2016
"Would recommend physical therapy here to all my our friends and family."
Feb 08, 2016
"My PT here with Lucas has been successful and positive from the beginning in October, following my right knew replacement on Sept. 24, 2015. I had a goal of being able to bend that right knee to the best I could and we were able to kneel, which I now can do. All the progress I have made is due to the excellent program I have experienced here with Lucas and the associates. Thank you so much."
Feb 03, 2016
"Quick/Accurate diagnosis-working with Willem and the staff improved my overall mobility, relieving my original knee pain. In addition to beneficial exercises I obtained useful knowledge on the mechanics of the knee joint."
Jan 20, 2016
"Ryan and clan were wonderful. They were very professional. I don't think I could have come as for without them"
Jan 20, 2016
"The office was great!! They took care of all my needs. Everyone in the office was wonderful. I had Lucus and Ryan as a therapist. I would recommend them at the office."
Jan 12, 2016
"Very thoughtful, caring, and professional. Great improvement with my knees. All staff very knowledgeable."
Dec 23, 2015
"You all are great. Every time I've come, I walk away with a way of taking better care of myself, along with people people who care about their clients. Thanks"
Dec 23, 2015
"In only 8-10 visits my shoulder feels strong, flexible, and pain free again. My range of motion has returned, I sleep well again and can be active with confidence. Thank you for the quality PT and care."
Dec 21, 2015
"My experience with Willem Verweij has always been very positive and successful. Everyone there is passionate with just the right amount of push to be successful in getting my parts working again. Since I found them I always come here."
Dec 17, 2015
"Solved problem for which the long term healing rate would have been many months in a short time period- left at exercises to continue to do at home and prevent further injury. Thank you!"
Dec 17, 2015
"After a knee replacement last year, I did a number of sessions or physical therapy with Lucas, at Willem Verweij and Associates. The therapy worked wonders, as I skied all winter not only pain free but stronger and longer than I had in years. Thanks to Luke my two weeks of skiing in Europe were the best I had in years."
Dec 10, 2015
"I met Willem after a 5k in Strafford, very friendly and knowledgeable. At that point I didn't feel I needed his services, but three months later I wanted to lesson my chronic side pain and met with Willem at the office. He got my pain! We worked hard to get more range of motion. Mean while I tore a muscle in my hip. Willem added that area to my treatment plan. Overall, I feel much better. Getting stronger and learning why each exercise/stretch is beneficial. Thankful to Willem and his staff for such great care."
Dec 02, 2015
"Very accommodating with appointments. Physical therapist (Lucas and Willem) very knowledgeable and attentive. I owe my easy recovery to them!"
Dec 02, 2015
"Excellent- Ready to ski!"
Nov 25, 2015
"I have had the most wonderful experience at Williem Verweij and Associates!! I had a vertigo problem and they solved the issue and gave me therapy that I can do at home! I also had hip pain and they solved that issue as well! They are professional and very caring!!"
Nov 21, 2015
"Lucas has worked with me for the past 7 months to help me recover from a right hip flexor tear. During this time, we have worked on healing and strengthening my hip through a series of exercises, so I could get back to running. Because of my gained strength, I was able to improve my 5k time this season by two minutes and forty seconds. I would recommend any athlete in need of physical rehab to go see Lucas and Willem."
Oct 22, 2015
"I had a wonderful experience with my physical therapist Luke. he was extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, and easy to work with towards my goals. I would recommend Willem Verweij & Assoc."
Aug 06, 2015
"Great experience, therapists very helpful in treatments also very knowledgeable about the exercise needed."
Jul 16, 2015
"Best Physical Therapy place ever. I've had occasion to experience 3 different PT places, and this was undoubtedly the best. Highly recommended."
Jul 08, 2015
"For the past few years, my husband has been suffering from chronic and increasingly debilitating back and knee pain. Just a few months ago, it appeared hopeless and he seemed to be gradually giving up. Then, he began receiving treatments with Willem. My husband's pain has significantly decreased and is continuing to improve. He has gained in his ability to be active and now walks daily. His gait is still very slow and not yet pain free but, he is moving and improving!!! He has lost several pounds of belly fat and is much happier. Thank you so much it is wonderful to see him active and happy."
Jun 03, 2015
"This is my second experience with Willem Verweij and Associates. It didn't take long to discover the degree of caring and expert physical therapy that I would receive from these very caring and knowledgeable individuals. I trust in their direction and look forward to my treatments."
May 29, 2015
"What a great Place to get your PT. Came in with tingling and numbness in my right thumb and index finger and had it diagnosed in no time. Staff is great and friendly. Was referred here by a friend and I have now referred friends. You will never regret your decision to come here. I have come for neck, knee and elbow problems and have not had to have surgery, they have fixed me right up!"
May 18, 2015
"Recently, I had a total hip replacement. After a brief stint with in home p.t., I was faced with making a good choice for out patient physical therapy. As luck would have it, a friend told me about her experience with Willem. From day one I knew I made the best possible decision. I was quite tenuous and anxious about my road to stability and full recovery. Willem and his staff are professional, highly competent, and empathetic - all of which quickly assuaged my fears. I look forward to my appointments. Encouragement and challenges are doled out with equal measure. Fantastic experience!"
May 06, 2015
"I came for therapy for a hip replacement, my therapist was Luke. After 31 days I have full range, complete use of my hip, and no pain. The staff was very attentive, informative, and through. I would highly recommend this clinic for anyone undergoing a similar surgery."
May 01, 2015
"With Luc's assistance, I was able to get stronger each week and he provided me with home exercises. The practice is friendly, professional and dedicated to helping you succeed and I would use them again without any hesitation."
Apr 28, 2015
"Luke has helped me regain flexibility and strength after surgery. The entire staff has been helpful and friendly."
Apr 28, 2015
"I'm Kristine grown Lebanon MEl, my treatment after a knee replacement began last October. I cam't say enough good things about Luke, Tim , & Christine. Luke is excellent, v.ery knowledgable...working to gain my strength as well as working through some injuries I've had so I can get back on my feet. We've had great fun & he has me to the point where I'm ready to start running again!!!! He's taught me many strengthing exercises to get stronger every day & It's WORKING!!! We have a great time every time I come 😃"
Apr 23, 2015
"After a difficult surgical revision to a previous total hip replacement, recovery was long and difficulty. Physical therapy at Willem Verweij Physical Therapy made it possible for me walk without limping and to live free of constant pain. My therapy was tailored to my specific needs and my therapist truly cared about the outcome of my therapy. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Therapy with them changed my life!"
Apr 22, 2015
"As a former endurance athlete I've had my fair share of injuries. Recently I re-injured a chronic back condition after a bad fall on some ice and damaged 2 lower back discs. It was very painful, the spasms felt medieval, and initially I needed muscle relaxants and pain relievers, both of which I have always avoided. The injury was not healing and I began to miss days from work. I was very worried that I may need complex and risky back surgery. I made an appointment with Willem and right off the bat was impressed with his one-on-one approach. Willem really focuses in on treating the condition."
Apr 12, 2015